Sunday, January 2, 2011


Pictures,Pictures, Pictures!

Fassardi kids posing with their cameras during a special Peace Corps kids' photography course I taught

Fassardian taking advantage of the paved road to sell in season watermelons, just one example of tradition and modernity mixing

Myriam, my contact, giving instructions to the 10th grade class at the technical high school

Kids showing off their animal drawings after English class. Can you say bear?

The building where the future library will go at the high school. The room is currently used for computation class. Only one computer works. It will be moved to the new classroom being built this summer to free up space for the library.

The current "library" at the high school in its entirety.

The high school and future library building

At the geography camp in July. Kids so eager to learn!

Smiling faces!

Teaching kids about oceans, continents, and countries!

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